While infection control has always been a top priority in our office, we have taken extra measures exceeding the recommendations of the CDC to keep you safe, and minimize the risk of exposure to Covid-19

Additional PPE: Our staff is wearing additional personal protective equipment.

Additional sanitization and air purification: In addition to our already top notch sanitizing protocol, we are consistently sanitizing all surface areas. We also have clean air purifiers in the office as an extra measure of protection

Masks: All patients are asked to wear masks upon entry and exit of our office, as well as the common areas such as the restroom and waiting area.

Parking lot check in: To minimize persons in the office and waiting area, we have asked our patients to call or text from their vehicles to let us know that they have arrived. We have them wait in the parking lot until it is their turn to be seen.

We understand that times are ever changing. At Hudson Family Dental one thing that remains the same is our dedication to you, our patients. Rest assured your safety is of the utmost priority to us, and we are eager to see you in the office.

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